Japanese Koi

At Causeway Koi we personally go each year to Niigata, Japan to hand pick our koi. They are individually checked for faults before being bought. All of our koi come from farms which are regularly tested for diseases. We only trade with certified farms.
The koi are flown to Ireland and here we run a rigorous quarantine for at least 3 weeks, ramping the heat, testing for parasites and preparing for sale. We have done everything possible to be sure that the koi you purchase is in the best possible condition
We invite you to browse through our on-line fish sales pages. Most of our koi are tosai (one year old) which we don't put individually on the website, but you can request photos to be sent to you. Here we feature our nissai (two years old), and older but if you want something you can't see here, or something bigger, just contact us and we will do our best to source it in the next buying trip to Japan.
Before you purchase any fish you must be sure that your pond is able to support a koi community. Adequate filtration and aeration is vital. Remember clear water isn't always clean water. As fish eat and produce waste, this produces unseen, but harmful, ammonia and nitrite. All ponds should have filters with ultra-violet, mechanical and biological components. You can read more about this in "Pond Hardware." Koi fish are claimed to have reached 2 meters (6 feet) in length, and the oldest to have reached the age of 230 years, passed down from generation to generation. Most modern Koi are considered special if they reach 1 meter in length, and average age from 40 to 60 years. So in the right environment and with the proper care you are buying something that should bring many years of enjoyment.
Next you have to decide whether you want top quality fish (specials) or standards. Standard fish are somewhat cheaper, but maybe at their current stage do not have the qualities or markings of show grade koi. If you just like the koi and are not a purist then standards are for you - and a pond full of standard Causeway koi is indeed one to be envied.
If however you have been in the hobby for a while and are ready to spend the money on something special then we have a selection of specials for you, as well as some tategoi from time to time. Tategoi are fish of exceptional quality with great potential.