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Causeway Koi

Baby Grower, Colour Booster - 450g

Baby Grower, Colour Booster - 450g

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Mini sized floating food, just the right size for baby Koi.  

Rich in carotenoids for rapid colour enhancement. 

Premium-quality, easily digestible, boosted by immunostimulant beta-glucans for the most effective disease resistance. 

Developed by leading nutritionists. Contains 37% protein, a complete balanced formula. Rich in vitamins A, C, D & E for of a healthy immune system.  

Nishikoi Baby Grower Colour Booster will show your fish at their very best. 

Supplied in foil-sealed jars which are easily resealed to keep your food fresh and retain nutrients. 

For feeding at temps above 10deg.C.

Analysis: Protein 37%, Oil 7%, Ash 9.1%, Fibre 1.9%.
Contains vitamins A, D, E & C to maintain fish health and spirulina to promote colour.

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