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Causeway Koi

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, 2kg

Cloverleaf Blanket Answer, 2kg

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This unique blend of minerals and enzymes works where many bacteria cultures fail. Blanket Answer is 100% safe for all pond fish, plants, and biological filtration systems.

UV units or protein skimmers need not be switched off. Very easy to use, simply add Blanket Answer to a watering can of pond water and spread evenly over the pond surface.

• The pond will initially take on a milky appearance, but this will clear after about 5 days. The ingredients will form a powdery layer on the liner face.
Most effective at temperatures above 10*C
Most users find that one dose is enough to keep the pond clear all season long, but monthly top-up doses can be added to keep the pond in optimum condition.
• Suitable for use in planted ponds, wildlife ponds, Koi ponds.
• Safe for use with all species of pond fish, plants, and filter systems.
• Harmless to newts, frogs, toads, and other pond wildlife.
• Read instructions before use.
Treats up to 25,000 litres.

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