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Kusuri Fluke M X2, 130g

Kusuri Fluke M X2, 130g

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This medication is suitable for the eradication of gill and body flukes and can be used at any temperature.
For use with all cold water ornamental fish.
The powder is placed in a bucket / bowl and boiling water is added. The liquid is allowed to cool then added to the pond water.
130g pack - treats 11,000gal

The Flubendazole is absorbed by the flukes and dissolves their digestive tract that subsequently starves the parasite. Fluke M may require a second dose after 7 days in heavy infestations. Kusuri recommend a mucus scrape and microscope identification prior to a second application.
Kusuri Fluke-M has a four year shelf life from date of manufacture and should be used within three months of opening. Fluke-M can also be used for the eradication of pond snails and Intestinal Helminths Worms.
For best results use above 15°C. At 10°C a second dose may be required.

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