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Oase Biotec Screenmatic 90000

Oase Biotec Screenmatic 90000

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This is a great filter for larger ponds. We recommend this filter for koi ponds of about 5000gal. The unit comes with no UV so that an appropriate sized UV can be selected and attached to the filter box.
The BioTec ScreenMatic enables safer and easier removal of coarse substances from the pond. The solids are withdrawn from the filter system via an extractor sieve and are transported into a collection tank through a permanent cleaning process. This can be easily removed. The double-sealed, long life, ScreenMatic motor cleans the sieve automatically and guarantees sustainable flow.
Following the screenmatic stage, further mechanical and biological filtration occurs in the foam area. Foams are easily cleaned using a cleaning handle with sludge being drained from the filter by means of a valve on the filter floor.
Water returns to the pond via cartridges of Zeolite (for ammonia removal). As the filter matures this media can be replaced with Hel-X for increased filtration.
Dimensions: 788 x 590 x 645mm (L x W x H)
Max. flow rate: 12,500lph.

Spare Parts.
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