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Oase Bitron 110C UV Clarifier

Oase Bitron 110C UV Clarifier

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110W UV. (2 x 55W bulbs)
Dimensions: 73
0 x 215 x 200 (L x W x H in mm)
Flow rate: 12,000 - 40,000 l/h
Recommended for approx. 30-40,000 litre pond.

The Oase UV is a premium product. Briefly it's advantages are:
  • Integrated automatic cleaning system, which ensures that the full output of the light is effectively used.
  • Unique combination of UVC light and permanent magnets.
  • The permanent magnet prevents the calcification of important pump and filter parts.
  • The UVC light flocculates green algae thus facilitating the filtering process and destroying pathogens.
  • Visual function control.
  • Compact design and easy bulb changing
  • They are easy to mount on the Proficlear modular filter and on the Biotec filters
  • 2 year guarantee
Spare Parts.
We keep a range of spare parts for all Oase products. If you need a part, click on the exploded diagram, note the part number and contact us for availability and price.

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