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Oase Duo Boost - 2cm balls

Oase Duo Boost - 2cm balls

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  • BASIS FOR CLEAR WATER : Positively influences pond biology
  • SIMPLE: Place the gel or ball directly in the filter or pond – if the pond contains fish, place the balls in the enclosed net
  • FOR ALL POND TYPES: Important trace elements and minerals for all kinds of pond
  • TWO-PHASE EFFECT: Duo Boost works in two phases: The first phase of action consists of a highly active fluid gel containing enzymes and bacteria that remove organic dirt, ammonium, nitrite and nitrate. This also activates the filter bacteria. The second phase of action is the 2 cm diameter gel balls. These dissolve over time, releasing important trace elements, co-substrates, minerals and valuable additives that are otherwise difficult to put into an artificial pond.

Add once a month through the season to maintain a healthy pond.

One tub treats up to 30,000 litres

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