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Oase FM Master 3

Oase FM Master 3

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InScenio: One system – controls all the garden pond technology

With InScenio from OASE, power is available where you need it: in the garden and pond. InScenio has been developed for those who want to flood their garden with light, and want to dramatically enhance their fountains and pond technology effects – very simply. Via remote control, power circuits are turned on and off, lights are controlled or the filter capacity can be regulated. The intelligent InScenio modular system is also easy for non-specialists to install; it involves no excavation whatsoever. Even subsequent extension or complete garden and pond redesign can be easily executed with InScenio.

It is not possible to use Lunaqua lighting connection with the dimmer function.

InScenio FM-Master

Finally there is a convenient radio remote control solution for turning various devices in the garden off and on, or for reducing flow rates by dimming. OASE sets trends in garden and pond technology with InScenio garden outlets.
  • Fitted with a stake, they can be firmly anchored in the ground.
  • The 4 outlets and the mains input are waterproof, strain-relieved, and are suitable for year- round use.
  • Note: The hand transmitter has a range of max. 80 m for remote control!
InScenio FM-Master 3
  • 1 x 230 volt input plug
  • 1 x socket permanent current 230 V
  • 2 x sockets on/off, 230 V, max. 2000 W combined
  • 1 x socket dimmer function max. 40-320 W
  • Total connected load max. 16 A/3600 W
  • It is not possible to use Lunaqua lighting with the dimmer function.
  • 2 year guarantee
  • 1 permanent power outlet
  • 2 outlets that are switched on and off
  • 1 outlet that is dimmable

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