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Pondxpert Variflow 52000

Pondxpert Variflow 52000

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The PondXpert VariFlow 52000 pump is an extremely powerful variable flow pump... in fact, it is the most powerful pump in the range, delivering a huge flow of water! 

Variable Flow-Rate with an Eco Design: The weatherproof electronic controller allows you to increase or decrease the flow rate, allowing the PondXpert Variflow 52000 to be run 'low' at winter, which reduces the wattage used. The LCD controller panel can also be used to stop/start the filter pump.

Fault Code Description: The LCD controller panel will detect any pump malfunctions and will display an error code.

Auto Off Feature: The Variflow pumps will turn off if they detect that the water levels have become too shallow for the pump to operate. This offers much needed pump protection!

Easy Maintenance: The Variflow pumps handle solid particles up to 6mm, drastically reducing maintenance and blockages. 

Dry-Running Pump: These pumps can be run ‘dry fitted’ if required.

(Please note: The pump should be positioned below pond water level if you are running it dry.)

  • Wattage: 180-600w

  • Minimum flow-rate: 30,658lph

  • Maximum flow-rate: 52,050lph

  • Minimum head height: 4.4m

  • Maximum head height: 8.5m

  • Outlet size: 3" (rubber boot - 2" hosetail supplied)

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