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Causeway Koi

Seneye Pond Pack

Seneye Pond Pack

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Everything you need to get monitoring your pond through the internet.
Contents include:
  • Seneye pond
  • Seneye web server WiFi
  • Seneye Dri
Seneye remotely monitor your pond through a unique optical sensor and cloud based website.
Simply place your seneye in water and connect it to a PC or Seneye Web Server. That’s it! Now you get information and alerts for dangerous changes in water parameters on email and SMS worldwide.

Monitors every 30mins, 365 days a year.
Low running costs. No subscription. Full reading history. Free Cloud account.

Saving fish from
  • Broken heaters
  • Filter crashes, toxic ammonia
  • New Pond Syndrome
  • Sudden pH changes
  • Filter or pond leaks
  • Light levels and Algae

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