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EA Surge

EA Surge

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The Surge Filter is an innovative filter that will help to deliver crystal clear, healthy water for ponds up to 5,000 Litres. There are no dirty sponges or foams to clean so you get to keep your hands dry, giving you more time to enjoy your pond.
As pond water is pumped up through the Surge Filter the K+Media becomes a mechanical barrier that traps debris as it flows through. Waste particles remain trapped within the K+Media until they are dislodged and flushed away during the patented Air Clean Technology cleaning process.
Air Clean Technology uses open cell K+Media and air to clean the filter providing a low energy and cost-effective solution. With the pump off, ball valves closed, and waste valve open, air is drawn into the filter. As air and water mix inside the filter, the media starts to move chaotically, dislodging the trapped waste. Dirty water then exits the bottom of the filter via the waste line, leaving clean media.

Keep your hands dry - Foam free, easy self-cleaning technology.

More time to enjoy your pond - Reduces filter cleaning and maintenance.

Crystal clear and healthy water - Enhanced filtration with K+Media and integrated UVC.

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