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Causeway Koi

NT Eradick, 1l

NT Eradick, 1l

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  • Controls Fungus on Pond Fish
  • Treats White Spot, Trichodina and Costia
  • 5 x Daily dose Treatment = full Course of treatment
  • Wildlife friendly & all fish safe!
NT Labs Pond Eradick controls parasites such as White Spot, Trichodina, Costia and Fungus on fish. Use daily over 5 consecutive days as a full course of treatment. Safe for all pond fish.

1 addition as quoted on bottle doseage = a day dose, 5 doses given over 5 days = a full course of treatment

a single dose ( day dose ) can be used as a monthly preventative therapy

It is recommended to use a full course treatment before winter and again in spring after fish have started feeding as a safeguard against overwinter stress diseases

Can be used in Ponds with low level salt ( 1 to 1.5 oz / gallon salt ) with no detrimental side effects
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